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Welcome to my weekly podcast, Mrs Carrigan’s Recipe Blog. My show features fast and healthy recipe ideas and helpful mealtime tips all designed to help you and your family eat a more nutritious diet.
I hope you’ll join me each week as I share my kitchen creations and cooking insights with you. With my boys grown, and my husband working for the railroad, I will share many “one & two” person meals as well as “family” meals. I will also share with you the day-to-day challenges of making interesting meals to go for my husband who is away for 40 hours at a time for work.
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Episode 1: Meals on the Go___________________________________
October 17, 2011
10 minutes

When my husband is at work, I don’t want him to suffer from brown bag boredom. To shake things up in his lunch box, sometimes I like to send him to work with his favorite Chili to go. The recipe for Chili features just 6 simple ingredients and 3 easy steps. It's a favorite with my husband, especially in the winter. My husband, Paul Carrigan, will be joining me today, as he talks about some other recipes and ideas that he likes to see in his lunchbox. So be sure to tune in, as he has some great tips to share with us.