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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are Oreos Really Addictive?

Why are Oreos so Addictive?

OMG! I LOVE Oreos! But why are they so addictive? I can go months without eating one, and then the day I give in and have one, “BAM”, I want another.. and another!!

Much like M&M’s an aphrodisiac and the Love Drug blog, there is something in Oreos that also make us feel good!
One reason that Oreos are so addictive.

Soon after you eat an Oreo, the brain’s pleasure centers release opiate like compounds–chemical cousins of morphine. The result bears similarities to addiction, although researchers say it is more like turning on a craving.

I really do not know! But I do know that Oreos are Addicting to me!! Soon as this package is gone.. I’ll probably have withdrawals! Wish me luck!! Do you get addicted to Oreos also?? Why are Oreos so Addictive?

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